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Adorable knee-high socks

These have been all over facebook and the internet, now learn how to crochet these adorable knee-high socks with Nadia

for the free written pattern:


the video tutorial:



love this!!  🙂 thanks so much for this great tutorial and pattern!!

YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad

Sometimes I see a photo and consider what it would take to design something into a crochet pattern based on just that-a photo. That is what inspired these floral pastel knee-socks. I was sent the same photo of a pair of knit socks numerous times, and realized that once again, I would need to challenge myself to see what I could do by taking that knit sock concept from a single picture and translate it into crochet. I have to admit this was not an easy task.

First, socks are not easy to begin with. That alone had me hesitating, but knowing myself and how, once faced with a challenge, I don’t back down. I decided to just forge ahead and see where this took me and I was not disappointed.

As the socks took shape, the more excited I became. It took a total of two full days and…

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