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WIP – 3/8/17 Woodland Themed Afghan My New Moose Applique

The Rusted Pansy

I’ve gotten a good start on my woodland afghan! I’ve made two trips to Michaels for yarn and spent about $34 so far. I know this amount will grow as I need two skeins of yarn each of the four different dark colors and at least probably 5 skeins or so of the Aran color. I’ve purchased one skein of each so far… plus each applique calls for it’s own colors/brands. I could probably rummage through my yarn stash for ones that will work for the appliques… but who doesn’t love an excuse to go buy new yarn!? Just a tip, while at Michaels, I couldn’t find the ‘rouge’ color the pattern called for but I found a beautiful cherry color to substitute.

Here is what I have done so far… fox, moose, pine tree, bear, owl and 2 blocks each of colors. Only 50 more blocks to go!

I have to note…

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