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Free pattern for Chunky Tiaras by Crochet Rox

   Tiaras for some very brave princesses.


Free pattern for Chunky Tiaras by Crochet Rox

Crochet Rox

PLEASE, if you do use the pattern, consider making an extra 1 or 2, and send them on to
Ellie’s Hats
5050 Riding Plaza Suite 130-648
South Riding, VA 20152
The kids would love them!!!

I have recently made 20 of these to donate to Ellie’s Hats, a fabulous organization that educates about childhood cancers, distributes hats to kids battling for their lives, and provides support for their families.  Please check them out on Facebook!!

Tiaras for some very brave princesses.  Tiaras for some very brave princesses.

Chunky Tiara by Crochet Rox ©

Materials Needed:

US L 8.00 mm hook

Bulky yarn 5 or 6 weight: (I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Honolulu Pink and Minneapolis Purple & I got 3 tiaras out of 1 skein)
Optional:  Buttons, beads or other decorations (sew on securely as they can pose a choking hazard)
Invisible thread (for sewing on buttons and beads)
Sewing needle
Yarn needle (for weaving…

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Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll

AmigurumiBB by Che'Che'

After almost one moth of break from new posts, returning with, I hope, lovable gift to you all.

New crochet addition to all Waldorf admirers.

Waldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBB

Simple testing the head for this pattern has taken our little Facebook group into wonderful doll making adventure. Many new ideas opened and new patterns were created. 25 wonderful and kind ladies have applied to test the pattern. Those that finished came up with the most adorable little princess dolls 🙂 Some we still wait to finish their projects. If ladies agree I will post their photos for all of you to see.

What I am specially satisfied that not matter which weight yarn or size hook was used, the pattern worked well for all.

For the first time we have tried joining limbs with cotter pins, and making joints with whatever we could find at home. Instead of original discs, washers and cotter pins, we mounted cotter…

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Shark Slippers for a 5 yr old

Crafty Charli




1 x 100g grey 8 ply

1 x 100g white 8 ply

4mm hook

Tapestry needle

2 x small black buttons or studs

NB: there will be some leftover wool… I used 100g balls because that’s what I had on hand… I know I used more than 50g but so it’s probably best to get the bigger balls. Best to have too much than not enough. 😀


Snout, Leg Front & Top of Foot: (grey)

ch 13

Row 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc across, ch, turn (12)

Row 2: dc across, ch, turn

Row 3: dc2tog, dc across to within last 2 dc, dc2tog, ch 1, turn.

Row 4-12: Rep last 2 rows until 1 dc is left, ch, turn

Row 13: dc, ch, turn

Row 14: 2dc, ch, turn

Row 15: dc across, ch, turn

Row 16: 2dc in 1

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