Day 50: Amish Inspired Hat

tons of patterns!! oh my! 🙂

Raising Robertsons Farts

I’m obsessed with the show Amish Mafia. I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a city. Just a short distance from Lancaster where the show takes place. I grew up around Amish culture. A few of my classmates were children of shunned Amish. And our local public high school football games would draw Amish teens in by the dozens. Such nice people. But very secretive. Wink wink. I noticed how popular black Amish style hats were becoming these days. I had to design a crocheted one(yes I already have an authentic one :/ I betrayed PA and had one sent from Indiana).

IMG_3101If only I could get some Hand Pies and Sweet bread shipped that would be great!!!!
Anyway here is my Amish inspired hat pattern.



Amish inspired Hat

You will need:
Red heart super saver worsted
5.5mm hook

This hat uses the Robertson Ridge Technique

Stiches used:
HDC- half…

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