How to Stretch a Cross Stitch for Framing {Tutorial!}

good info if you cross stitch…can save you a ton of $$ and lets you display your beautiful artwork! thanks Lindsay, the frugal crafter!

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Being a freelance artist means that I take on a lot of interesting jobs. One of those jobs is picture framing. When my friend Lorraine asked me if I would mat this cross-stitch for her I asked if I could use it in a video demonstration on how to stretch one:


I have seen so many lumpy, wrinkled cross stitched in my life that were not stretched and it is not difficult using this totally reversible method. Reversible meaning that you can totally undo everything I have done in the future if you wish with no damage to the artwork. Watch the video to see how it is done:



  • Silk Pins (available in the notions section of the fabric store, about $4 a box of 200)
  • Foam board (also called foamcore)
  • Fabric strips if your cross stitch fabric is smaller than the foam board. You will…

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